Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy PINK Saturday!!

Miracles happen everyday....
God is actively drawing people to Himself through the miracle working power of His love, mercy, favor, and blessing!
Last week for Pink Saturday I posted about little seven year old Drew Bennett!
Scroll down to read about how he is one of two children ever to suffer with Bowel obstruction syndrome.. how in the 2004 he began a series of 15 surgeries which has left him with a non functioning digestive tract and has now been waiting for a 3 organ transplant for a year.... But Drew has an amazing spirit.... visit his website here.
View his story on our local news network here!


Our church worked all summer to plan and execute a yardsale to help this precious family with their horrible expenses.... the outcome of this work was a media blitz in our community to draw attention to little Drew. The yardsale was a phenomenal success. Due to the huge outpouring of love and support of the community we raised $40,000 in one day for him, and monies are still being donated.. but better than that,,, many people who never knew Drew have come forward..many claiming that God has told them to pray specifically for Drew's situation for healing, for the transplant to come quickly and be successful... Drew is in the hands of the Almighty God and He is doing mighty acts through His children....
let us all join together in agreement for God's best for Drew!
Pink Saturday...
Enjoy PINK Saturday!!!

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  1. Thank-you for being a part of The Miracle Party Team! Happy Pink Saturday! Thank-you for this post....

  2. What a special little guy-I believe God has big plans for him. He's touching so many lives with this story and his inspiration. God Bless you all and especially Drew!

  3. I love pink. I'll try to catch up my post. Indeed great post.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Carolyn. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special, and for taking part in this day of celebration and thanks.

    There truly are miracles going on all around us every day. We just have to open our hearts in acceptance. God's blessings to this dear child. My heart swells seeing people join in love.

  5. It is terrible when bad things happen to adults, but it breaks my heart for children. Trust this young guy will soon be blessed with better health.

  6. Thank you for this inspiring story. I never tire of hearing of God's sweet mercies.

  7. What a precious little boy. Your community is inspiring-$40,000.00 WOW. And I love the circle of prayer. Have a wonderful Miracle Sat.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie and Miracle Weekend...
    I am so thrilled that you shared Drew's story with us today. God works through many of us, and each has a part to play in our daily lives. I too will be adding Drew to my prayers that I storm the heavens with each and every night before I close my eyes. We are all God's servants and what better way to please him than to send him prayer requests for his children.

    Please stop by and leave a comment on my blog, as mine is one of the (5) places the Guideposts Magazine will donate a $1.00 towards the next Miracle MakeOver. I am so thrilled to be playing a small part in this weekend miracle.

    Many hugs sweetie, and may God's angels bring forth a miracle for Drew and help find those 3 organs his little body so desperately needs. They are out there just waiting to come forward.

    Much Love, Sherry


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