Monday, August 2, 2010

We Walk with Him

We Walk with Him
The Scrapping Servant hosts this meme!. Today I have been thinking about God's purposes in my life. I used to think of myself as the servant who worked behind the scene in the kitchen.... I have headed up the women's ministry Hospitality Committees in two previous churches... but as we came to our current church I was really feeling a move in my spirit away from helps and into a new dimension of God's kingdom work....God opened a new door of ministry to me.. the ministry of prayer... and I now serve on the women's prayer team in our rather large church... God has provided me many varied opportunities and experiences to see his Holy spirit at work in people's lives... and I have come to have very high expectations of what God can and does do in restoration, renewal, and transformation.... For me there has been a complete transformation of who I know I am in His kingdom... A radical evolution of my daily experience has opened me up to be able to and desirous to share about God and His precious Son to people all over the world through Facebook.. Now I had taken a couple of evangelism classes at church and those along with some valuable Beth Moore Bible studies... I had been storing up a magnitude of biblical precepts which were burning a hole in my spirit... a burden was developing to share this wealth of powerful teaching with others...along with this desire was an urgency to share Christ with as many as He would put on my heart.... and He started to reveal dear folks to me immediately....before I knew it I was talking to almost strangers about the most precious thing in the world.... their need for a Savior.. Jesus Christ!!!!And oh, what a blessing it is to me... to get to know these folks that God has put on my heart.... whether,, because of their failing health, tender ages and need for acceptance and knowledge of who they are in God's kingdom, or dire and shaky circumstances, or just to help a dear new friend and brother come to grips with his identity in Christ... his long lost saviour... and be restored ... renewed in His faith..... it has been my absolute honor to be able to pray for them, and with them and to see God's hand at work in their lives...... and these are folks who live thousands of miles from me.... folks from England, Sweden, Australia, and across the fifty states. I just wanted to document here in this journal about how God has brought about this wonderful blessing to me and I proclaim His goodness and His perfect will for our lives will not be thwarted... we just have to be open to follow whenever He leads!

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