Wednesday, July 20, 2011

De Profundis ( Reflections on the Times)

Latin for  the  first words of Psalm 130,  Out of the depths, I cry out to God.....
  Blogging  is and always will be a wonderful  expression of life's journey,,,   my online journal  documenting    some details along the way... but  the Lord  is leading me to a  new bent .. a new  path  in  journaling  the impressions  that arise  in the  echoes  around me..  The echoes of discontent,  fear, loss,     a sense  spiraling  out of control,,,   in our families, homes,    communities,  churches,   our nation and the world....  What  constitutes  this fear of loss...  a loss of stability,  the loss of integrity  in society as a whole, the loss of freedoms, the loss of quality, loss of respectability  and honor,  loss of gentility and grace... 
Scripture  explains  it fully and    succinctly:
John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

We ask ourselves, then,  who is this thief  who  is after our very well-being?   The context of the passage    refers to a predator  of a pasture, a wolf,,  a  deceiver  and  a liar,,  evil    bent on  destruction.   This could only mean  satan himself, the author of confusion , despair,   suffering.. 
   The "I" of the passage  is the Good Shepherd,  the Lover of our souls,  the One who  loves us  best and Most...  Jesus Christ...  God's on Son and the Redeemer of the world.
  Therein  lies the age old premise of  good vs. evil ...   a battle that has been  raging  since before time.. and we see this  devastating battle occurring all around us  today...

  I am feeling a move in my Spirit  to  spend some  time blogging  about   my 
Reflections  on the Times  
in which we are living... 

  For I think discourse on this topic will strengthen  us to  really think about our world view... whether it is based on that of the world which is so  prominent  in our lives,  our entertainment, our media, our government, our education, even some of the churches across this land... or  is  your   view  rooted on  Rock solid prinicples from  God's Word , the Unshakable, Unchanging, Unmovable Word of the Father  in heaven and creator of all things?

Now as a new blogger to  attempt to use a linky tool  I am  very  excited and hopeful that  this will  work!    But I would love  to see other thoughtful  and concerned bloggers  share in this discourse...  
Reflections on the Times
The topics  are far reaching   from  what is happening  in  our  society, government, families,   media,  etc..   But the  premise is  not to focus just on  the circumstances   that are  surrounding us, but to bring them into the light of  the Truth and how  we are to cope with and overcome  them in our lives..   

You are free to use  my  button on the sidebar and please link back to my page  in your post.

Together  we may  bring clarity to this  upside down world.

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