Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Way Home

  Our  12 hour  trip  home on Wednesday  turned into  a 15 hour  haul!    Well, we left  Amanda's  house at 7:15am  and  got home  at midnight...  That  included  an hour trek to the station and an hour and half trek  back  home from Lynchburg.   But  the  hang up occurred  twice in route...  we got  tangled  in New Rochelle by southbound traffic  and  stood marooned on the track in  no man's land  for  about a half hour....   then  we   had a  longer than usual  lay over   at Union Station in DC  to  fix  a couple of the cars and  exchange  engines...   at that time  then  we  got  behind  a Metro train and  had to  creep along behind  it as it made it many stops until  the end of  its line in Manassas, Virginia....  this put us  90 minutes behind  schedule  therefore  we pulled into  the  end of the line at Lynchburg  at 10 pm.     But  all in all,  I love  rail travel...   it is  comfortable,  roomy,  and a friendly  way to travel...  

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