Friday, July 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I was blog hopping  this morning, and   chanced to  see  that  someone  was posting a day late on  this one... and I thought  surely on my birthday I am entitled to   do so as well... for I am surely  most thankful!
   Thankful  that  God has  given me another  day... another year...   I turn  61 today!  Not such a grand accomplishment... but the number, to me  does seem    to carry  with it a sense of  antiquity!  LOL!Although,  my best friends  keep  reminding me, it is only a number, nothing more...  So  for that I am also thankful!
  Today  I have been reminded again and again  that  as we get older  the best gifts  are  the intangible  ones....   a visit with  your  daughter and son in law  is a perfect gift!  No need for  fancy plans or  money spent...  just spend an hour  together !
Or last night,,  when  a friend  shared a marvelous   song of faith with me...  which reminds me  of  who  my heavenly Father is and  what he means to  and expects from  me!

Or the  sweetest message I received on Facebook this morning  from  my  sweet young  14 year old friend  in  Derbyshire, England promising me a  catch up chat  soon!  And I know that he meant  it!   Such a simple thing   but so meaningful and  love filled!Wonderful intangible blessings  from God  that  lift us,  shower us,  revive us, and fill us til we want no more!     Thank you, Lord!

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