Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Newport

according to the travel guide...Newport... where the rich history and maritime legacy  merge to create a one of a kind   authentic new England  experience.   Newport was one of the largest and busiest of colonial cities.    Known as the cultural heart of the   city,  the Old Quarter includes 18th and 19th century  architecture.   You may step  from  t he colonial sector  to the famed " summer cottages" of the Gilded Age  perched high   along the famed Bellevue Avenue,,,  these amazing  dwellings are seen  best  from the  coast, hence our  wonderful  boat ride  along the coast!We viewed the  house  built upon a rock  in the middle of Narragansett Bay...   the girlhood  summer cottage of the  Bouvier  family, where Jackie summered and  rode her horses...a summer  house of the  Vanderbilt's!    The essence of  which  lends  such an ambiance of  grandeur and  wonder  to just  envision  them   and  imagine  a gone by era of opulence and high living!

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