Monday, July 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


FOR TODAY....Monday,JULY 11,2011

The day dawned warm  with the promise of much  warmer temps in the offing....   The  days this week  are  threatening to  hover  near the triple digits  til midweek!   I pray  I can  bear it.,....summer is NOT  my  season!

I am very blessed I am!   Following  Bible Study  this morning  my darest friend, Dottie,  had planned to take me to a birthday lunch a t Panera...   little  did I  realize that  when  we arrived  the Bible study group, precious friends  one and all,  Gerri, Nancy, Sheryn, and  Emmajean  would also  be joining us....   but  that  wasnt all!  Who was saving the table for us  but  My  fabulous prayer  buddies,  Lynne  and Lois!!!

I am thankful for...  God's provision in all things  in my life....  Thanks   be to the Lord for His provision of  love   being  shed  among His children...   I felt such love and  fellowship  today...   my spirit is buoyed and my heart is  singing!   Birthdays  aren't so bad after all   once you  reach  this time of life.... I had been  thinking  Id  just let it pass me on by,,, but look what I would have missed...  

From the kitchen..this kitchen  today  was at Panera and just about everyone  enjoyed  the strawberry,  chicken, poppy seed salad.   Life is good!!!

I am shorts,  pink and white striped tee, and sandals

I am creating...    a bag of stuff  that we just dont need anymore....  if I keep telling myself that,  I just might get around to doing it! 

I am reading...    in between books  at the moment....     top of the list  is  The Scotswoman, by  Inglis Fletcher.    Amanda  purchased this  book for me in an antiques   book shop in San Diego last summer....
Penned in 1954    in a time of gentility and graceful flair, I can tell at a glance this will be   a  delightful read for me

I am hoping...  to make my mark  toward  getting  the  clothes  sorted out and  put back to order...   they have developed a mind of their own  since  packing for the trip and  upon  my return   have  gotten  quite out of hand....   time to    clear the  closets and  just do a reorganization!
Around the house....lighten up  everywhere!

One of my favorite  it motivates, inspires me,  soothes, and  can put me to sleep....   let's have a bit now, shall we?

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday -    Cracked Pots Bible Study   /   surprise  birthday   luncheon for me....   just returned from it and  my heart is  so joyful!
Tuesday-   devotions, allergy shot,   marketing, finish laundering 

Wednesday-  take  dad to the dentist, visit  with mom and dad    Church dinner  /Bible Study

Thursday-   take dad to  eye doctor, meet prayer team at Colleens  and  visit/  encourage, and pray

A glimpse into my life:

I  am so  filled  to the brim  with  the  blessings  of  good friends and  fellowship  I must   share  my  dear sista's  in  the Lord!
 My  wonderful prayer  Sista's    with whom  I   have  grown  more  spiritually  and  specifically in the  area of  intercession and  developing a warrior  mentality....
  my  fabulous  "Cracked Pot"  friends   ( Long Story)   with  whom  we are  learning to  become  obedient  to the principles  of God's Word and how to  apply them  moment by moment...Thank you, Lord for each lady here  represented...  bless them and  hold them in your Hand  and  keep them  ever close  to your  bosom...   may we all  continue to  grow  together in love, peace,    and obedience to your Will!.
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