Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reflections of our Times - The Church

  Outside of the family, the church is the next most precious  part of our lives...and I believe it is  such a crucial part of life  that  every    bit of scripture  must be studied  and applied to be able to function in our world today....  I know  that  I did not  nearly  exhaust the issues that  families  are dealing  with  in  the family segment of  this    theme,  but, today for me I am concerned about our churches...   how  we are  commanded in scripture to  guard  against   divisions and factions in the church...  pride and  judgmentalism,  complacency, and lack of  true worship characterize many churches... at one time or another...     and    we must know  that  there is one  who  seeks to rob kill and destroy everything good  and his  main objective is  the  church....once he gets a foothold in the door,  his work is  so insidious it  can  go undetected and unchecked, even  for years .   No church is   exempt from this attack of the enemy,  especially churches    that  by all appearances are  serving  God's purposes   successfully....     The author of confusion,  satan ,     can  and has   brought  down many ministries and denominations are  on a decline in these trying  days...  

  I was listening to Jentezen Franklin 's  video of  July 4, 2011  of this year..   He  said  the churches today  need revival  to survive.....  what a statement... but how very true...    what is holding revival back from  our churches.... could it be that  the enemy of our souls has  a foothold in our churches and   God is  waiting for a wave of repentance to sweep  across   this nation...   Please view this video and   share your thoughts by comment or  better still  share with me  by posting  with me on Reflections on our Times. 

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