Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday 

This time of year,  I just dont have that much pink in my world....  I remember  a couple of years  ago I resorted to  painting my finger nails pink  for  Saturday...  but  I dont even have any pink polish anymore...

Then  I remembered that  God,  as the master  painter, offered me the most glorious pink  coming home on the
train...   I had been snoozing....when I  felt the Lord  say,   wake up and look out the window....   and  there for  just a split second  was the most glorious sight!I have to carry it in my heart because there was no way to capture it on film...   I was seeing a  small lake  with  the late afternoon  sky perfectly reflecting  on it.. the  brightness of the clouds , the depths of the  dark mountains,  the  azure  blue of the  water, and  clarity of the  reflection  was  exhilarating!  This was probably the most  beautiful  scene of nature I have heretofore ever witnesses!  So  I  did  take  a  picture of the sky   to remind me of the  special gift  the Lord shared with me  in that one moment!
I am  so happy to  be able to share this with you on Pink Saturday!!
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  Meanwhile, please enjoy your PINK Saturday!   There is always something special to celebrate and stay in the Pink!!


  1. Schotzy, this is absolutely awesome. He wanted to make sure you saw His wonderful artwork, even so briefly.

    Hope you truly had a fabulous trip & visit.
    Have a lovely PS weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. HE has a way of taking care of us. That is a stunning sky sight. Nothing produces more beauty than the man above telling nature what to paint.


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