Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Me Friday
  Finding  the Inspiring....
 Follow Me Friday,   is a delightful  opportunity to hop about blogland  sharing enjoying all things inspired! 

  If you haven't discovered  Ann Voskamp's blog,  A Holy Experience

holy experience

then you are in for    the best to be  found in blogland....  I first discovered  her  insightful blog  when I started doing her  theme on  1000 gifts   a couple of years ago...then  imagine my  surprise and delight when I  realized that this is the one and same AnnVoskamp  who authored one of my very  favorite books  I am currently reading...  

A Dare to Live Fully 
Right Where You Are 
Now I not only  get to relish every word of the written text of her book,  but also  am  inspired ongoing   through her  daily posts ...awesome!  If you havent  connected with this  amazing  woman... now is the time to  be blessed and  truly  led to the brink of heaven's gates through her soulful  writing... 

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