Friday, February 17, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

Thursday Favorite Things
Katherine hosts this  blog hop each week   where  participants  share  their favorite things.... and this week I am looking ahead to March... I suppose it is the teacher in me...  once one  holiday  was past, it was time to concentrate on the upcoming one  to decorate the classroom and  gather  ideas  that would entice the  8 years old to write   and  paint  and  inspire them to  think  with their right brain a bit...  a respite from the  fervent  attention paid to the   ever looming  standardized tests....     so   today I  changed my blog music to  my Celtic list and     getting a bit into my highland  moods of late!
Time to lay aside my heart pendant  and bring forth my  Celtic  Knot medallion  representing everlasting life!
I also find that my mind wanders  along the lines of  dream itineraries yet again as the  days of March  begin to come into sight on the  calendar..
 One of my  most favored places on my bucket list of "must sees"  is  Eilean  Donan Castle  ... 
 I actually took this photo  myself using this amazing  web cam situated by the site...  I love to check in there  at various times of day and take  shots of  this  marvelous  castle and its environs!
I fell in love with castles when we lived in Germany and  I could actually see one from my parlor window.. we lived very near the the Odenwald mountains    dotted all along their  length  by  feudal  ruins  from  ages past....  My love of all things medieval  grew out of  that study years ago...
  and  as you can see  is reflected in some  of the decorations in our home today!

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