Friday, February 24, 2012

Show And Tell Friday

The Romantic Home  hosts this  blog hop      each Friday  and    I have something  I am anxious to share...  A great friend and neighbor    like everyone  in our  area  was  enchanted by the  beautiful snow  on Monday morning.. but being much more industrious than I  she went out walking and when she  saw  our home  she    took this amazing shot....   as you can see it was  before the sun had fully risen and only the   snow-laden canopies of the oaks in the front  are a blaze  with  glory  while the  house still rests  in the early morning shadows...   She   had the photo enlarged and matted for  framing  which  I cant wait to do this weekend!    Ive told so many friends about this I couldnt wait to share about it! 

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