Monday, February 6, 2012

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FOR TODAY February 6, 2012

Outside my window...a  superlative  day for  February....  a light jacket kind of day!

I am thinking...  what a roller coaster each day can be....   hurry up do this...   wait....  oh, no  not that....   oh,   my!!!

I am thankful..that  God's Word  is effectual  in helping me to prepare  for what may come!

In the kitchen... leftover...all leftovers

I am wearing...yellow turtleneck , brown jeans,  bare feet

I am creating...nothing much this week!

I am going... to try to stop by the hospital  this evening  to  see my dear, dear  friend  who  will soon  be  leaving this   plain!  At 95 she has  certainly    brightened many   a day  of her  many  friends and family....  she  touched my life in  wondrous ways in these last  10 years that Ive really known her.

I am to  negotiate my to- do list... what things arent important and I can  give over to the Lord and  which are  expedient that I  get right on to....  Simplify my life, Lord!  In Jesus name!
I am reading...

Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts
This book is such a treasure to me...  I read it slowly to savor every nuance and figurative speech,..  the author  has such gifts of expression!
Book of James

I am make a huge dent in getting mom's house ready  for  painting  this week...

I am looking forward to.  a more  cheerful, happy time

I am learning...odd to say, it seems  that  what I think I learn, I soon forget... at least  i fail to apply  what I learn....

Around the house is on hold for the next week or so....

I am pondering... the importance of staying focused on seeing God in every  circumstance and  not giving  sway to the  lies of the deceiver  whose voice is so much like my own  it is hard to differentiate....

A favorite quote for today...
It's a sad fact that the vast majority of people who sit in the pews on Sunday never tell anybody about Christ on Monday.    Dr. David Jeremiah
One of my favorite things...
eating breakfast out....   hopefully,   that  will  come to pass in the morning....   lovely!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday:  Eye appointment, paper chasing,   conference calls
Tuesday-allergy shot,breakfast out,  marketing,  appt. with our pastor  regarding the National Day of Prayer
Wednesday- work on my Bible Study, dinner at church, Adult Bible Study
Thursday- Valentine's Luncheon  at church,  Ladies' Bible Study on James
Friday- make a decision finally of whether or not  we will be  going on  the  trip to Lancaster, PA.   I sure  hope we do go! 
Saturday- catch up day
A peek into my day...
Today  I have been  focused on prayer initiatives in our church  as part of our prayer ministry  team, thinking about  my Bible Study  for the week,   doing  some research online, and juggling appointments  for the rest of the week.
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