Monday, February 20, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY February 20, 2012

Outside my window...A glistening  6 inches of fluffy  whipped cream...I mean,  snow lay on   everything

I am thinking...  I am so glad  the last of the homemade vegetable soup and the  home grilled burgers are  at last  eaten  all up.....   leftovers are good... but  too much a good thing... you know what I mean?????

I am thankful..Lynn  , my sweetie, has  a mind for business and he takes care of all the  financial matters.....   Ive done just about all the math I'm  aimin' to do...

In the kitchen... leftovers... I said!   Sorry t  come across grouchy.  Im not really...  just  hoping for a new outlook on  meals  around here....  tomorrow is  market day...  have to  think of something  adventurous!

I am slacks and  white and pink tee!

I am creating...nothing much this week!

I am  start  a new research project.. actually started it today...  studying the messianic  holy days  and how they relate to our  current  future events.... fascinating  topic...

I am wondering...when to actually sit down and watch  a video on  here....   I think  watching  Leap Year  would be more  fun up close and personal   here on the computer...    maybe tonight!

I am reading...

Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts... this is a book to savor.. the  writing is so  deep and  poignant... I  dont  want to miss a single nuance or  figure of  expression!

Book of James
Beth Moore's   study,  James  Mercy of Triumph

I am hoping..well since  nothing got done last week,,,,I am still hoping to make a huge dent in getting mom's house ready  for  painting  this week...
I hope I dont  have to write that one  week after week!  But it looks like   I may have too....

I am looking forward to.... next week....   the kids are coming for a couple of days!!!   YAYAYAYAYA

I am accept things  as they are and be content.....   God is in the little things in very huge ways!

Around the house..hoping to  get  the laundry all done and perhaps  get  some  stuff  cleared out of the basement and off to good will this week!

I am pondering... the importance of staying focused on seeing God in every  circumstance and  not giving  sway to the  lies of the deceiver  whose voice is so much like my own  it is hard to differentiate....

A favorite quote for today...
The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.
- Catherine Ponder

One of my favorite things..
 Perusing Teatime magazine!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: Bible Study, blogtime,  
Tuesday-allergy shot,breakfast out,  marketing,   laundry,  visit  mom and dad
Wednesday- work on my Bible Study, dinner at church, Adult Bible Study
Thursday- take dad for his followup, ,  Ladies' Bible Study on James
Friday- take mom to the doctor 
Saturday- Morning  coffee with prayer  Sista's
A peek into my day...
 I love to  take photos  for  what else... this blog!  

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