Monday, June 24, 2013

Babies on Safari

Babies  are  wonderful....  and whether you are   the up coming parents  or  grandparnets,,,  once you know a baby is coming...   you just   want to  do and plan  all you can to make  wee one   as  happy and loved  as   possible...  Today there is so much more information on how to raise a  "healthy"   well  balanced child....   In my day,  we  thought about  "fire retardant".... considered  cloth vs. throw away...and  some   very    considerate  moms   made all their baby food.....   I got along with  Gerbers, Pampers,  and  looked for fire retardant, but many clothes were  second hand, given to us from  neighbors and friends with no such labels.....  well worn,  well loved, well- washed comfy clothing!  Today the market  espouses  "All-natural"   like  Vulli's  all natural  Sophie, the Giraffe....
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Natural - 1 ea
 Dont get me wrong.....   I   love Sophie, in fact she is the inspiration for this post!
I think  she inspires   a lot   going  around the baby market these days...
   IN  our day,  we went for  typical   animals like bunnies.    In the many months  while we awaited  the arrival of our  dear Amanda,  I spent  my time  preparing  the nursery...  teaching myself how to  sew, applique and quilt!
Alas, we made do with  Polaroid, as well. 
Back in those days,  crib bumper pads were   the norm....
and if you  forgot to take   the  bathing ring to  Grandma's  you found a way!
 But today,  times have defintiely changed. Now instead of bunnies...
 it's African Safari!
Sweet African Safari Baby NurseryTheme Bedding and Decor
Goodness, I could go on and on,     the  creativity   to be found online  is   mind boggling....  but my favorite  Babie A-safari   ideas are found here!
So   where does this Grammy CC  begin to consider   preparing for Lil Birdie.....   She'll be here soon....  and  I need to be  preparing her  wee little nest, don't you think?Hmmmmm!
Inspire Me Tuesday@ A Stroll Thru Life

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  1. i do like that "restoration hardware" looking nursery pic you posted! also, the "be subtle" nursery in the link. i think we'll try to use some wall decals. fun to think about and plan!

    love you,


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