Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh, the Places Ive been by Train!

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I love   riding  the  Northeastern Regional Amtrak  rail...

My girlfriend and I     took  the train to Boston  a couple of years ago....  my first major rail trip!
Much of the  scenery enroute is   gorgeous.... even on   a  somewhat  rainy day!
Unfotunately,  my very first ever glimpse of  NYC  left a bit to be desired.... 
Upon closer  inspection,  I was feeling  the   allure of the Big Apple.. 
but all too soon,     the rails  lead us back to the industrial  sides of towns. 
About  this time I am happy to   have chosen  the quiet car  because with 4 more hours to go,  it's  nap time!
  I love this sign because when I think of  New Haven, CT,  I think of  Lucy's  country home.....alas,  there was nothing  about   what I  saw  there that remotely   looked like the country  suburbs!
  But    as the train travels  along the   Connecticutt  coast, the   vista s a re  lovely....  I can only imagine  how  lovely on a clear day!

 As we  turn  due north  the  day closes  until  I reach my  destination   in Boston...well after dark!
 This next  photos are the lovely   scenery  as  I  was  approaching  a dusky   arrival back home the next week. 

Our Virginia mountains   are  quite a contrast to the  sea level     vistas of the north!
And so why  choose this      to share today....   Lynn and I have our tickets ready  for   our next    trip north  later  in the summer.....YAYAYAYAYAY!

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