Monday, June 24, 2013

Eucharisteo (523-530)

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My joy has been  made   more complete   because
523.   The marvelous,   cooler,     days of   May and June.....I  love the   mild days, and even the  rain..thank you, Lord,  for     this  replenishing  time!
(on our way to see  my mother)

524.  I went to the podiatrist expecting   one thing and   it wasnt nearly as bad.... praying for complete healing f rom   the procedure  he did this morning...
525.  Lynn   and his   horrible  sinus  infection he has had now for  two  weeks  is   almost back to  normal...praise the Lord!
My very own  Farmer  Brown!!
526.  the   awesome  biblical teaching,  so timely,,, so sure,, I have   had   in the last  week or so....   I love the Holy Spirit and the timing of the Lord!
The lush verdancy of   all things growing   because of the  abundant rain and  sunshine!
  The spearmint  casts  its  wonderful scent over the garden!
528. The   beauty of the super moon last night   was such a gift!
Morning coffee on the porch!
530.  Of course,   the   purest joy  comes from   knowing  how the Lord  is blessing our family this year!....
Lil Birdie will  be here before we know it....  will everyone be ready?  That is the question......

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