Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Minute Friday- Encouragement

Today is my first  effort  at  5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo.
This week the  topic is encouragement.
After the  depleting  past month  of losing my father , then facing the holidays, I fully  understand the  true importance of encouragement.It is all God..   sharing His love with us through His children.Encouragement comes  through in  tangible ways...  a smile,  pat on the back,  cards, flowers,  phone calls,  visits...  and with each of these expressions I am sure that they were inspired by the love of the Father  for His hurting daughter,. But encouragement comes to us through our obedience, as well,  God will guide us individually to  find  His solace and peace  if we are only obedient with our minds, our time, and  allow Him to meet us in his Word,  or   a song, or an amazing sunset.  It is through his acts of kindness  during  deep  emotional strain that  I have learned, also, just how trustworthy God is.. how faithful... how perfect His timing is in His provision and His love...  He knows everything we  are going through, he knows  what we need  well before we need it and  is right there with  it  at the perfect moment  ...  Encouragement is the hand of God in our lives...  trust,  expect, claim and   receive  it!  Thank you, Lord!


  1. A fellow first-timer to Five Minute Friday! Way to go + lovely to e-meet you, Neighbour. :)

    I'm so sorry for your loss ... But thankful you can receive the Love and comfort of our God who knows what we need, even before we ask.

  2. Hi there Schotzy!
    Glad to see it was someone else's first FMF, because it was mine as well!
    Thank you for the sweet reminder that the ultimate encouragement comes not from another individual (though we need this as well!) but from God Himself!
    What a humbling and encouraging thought!
    God Bless you and Keep Writing!!!


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