Friday, January 24, 2014

What an Awesome Visit

Let's join Lisa JO 's writing prompts  at  5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo.
This week the  topic is visit.
Our last visit with out  wonderful  children  was  quite an adventure for us...a twelve hour train excursion  can be daunting enough, but add to that  blizzard conditions across three states, and   it makes for  a wallapalooza~
 Over the duration of the day spent  chugging along in    blowing snow, it couldnt help but blow in through every crack and crevice  in the   vestibules that connect the cars....
and   not only pile up on the   floor  inches deep but  gradually  drift into   higher and higher  drifts up the walls,  icing  shut the exit doors.
It actually, became  a  concern as we  approached our stop after  the 12 hour trip  about whether or not  any of the exit doors would open...  On every stop we were urged ' now, don't panic, we won't allow you to miss your stop.."  my dear husband added, "yes, even if we have to  exit through the emergency windows"...."Oh, my~"
and  after about an extra two hours we finally made it to our daughter's lovely home....
and, of course,  now you know  why  our visits  are so very special....

Our one and only granddaughter  is the light of our lives.  and grandpa  is thrilled to have her fall asleep in his  warm cosy arms!

What an awesome visit!


  1. What a precious gift your granddaughter is! And well worth the visit. So glad you arrived safely and were greeted with such a beautiful little face. Enjoy your time together:)
    A friend from 5 minute friday,

  2. What a precious baby! I bet traveling through all that snow was worth it. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. love the pic of dad (grandpa!) with birdie! soo sweet! thanks so much for all you did to help us while you were here!

    we love you!
    a + b

  4. love the pic of dad (Grandpa!) + birdie. soo sweet! thanks so much for all you did to help us while you were here-- we couldn't have gotten along without you!

    love you both!
    a + b


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