Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (616-620)

A Holy Experience
It is my daily practice to visit A Holy Experience with Ann Voskamp.. for this new year,   she has   started the Jesus Project  whereby  she has chosen   some of Jesus's  own   power Words for memorization.

To join in on this wonderful  project this year, Ann has provided this!

Since I am   thinking   about  many of Ann's initiatives,  I will continue on with my eucharisteo  gifts!
615.  The  gigantic pearl moon  suspended over the trees
 photo d5717be1-f34b-4c32-89a7-05bd95ba2ef8_zps12902009.jpg
616.  Pandora and the  beautiful piano of David Nevue.. like this

617.  Now that I  am a grandmother   to the most precious grand-daughter,   each time  I  think on her name, I  praise the  Lord  for such   a blessing.
I can hardly wait to  see her   again!
618.  The delectable  pot of chili  my  dearest hubby made  for these  extremely cold evenings...  so  wonderful to have enough   for  plenty of leftovers.....really hits the spot!

619.  I thank the   Lord for  the warmth of our home, the comfort, and security  He provides for us.
620.  My  wondrous surprise when today   not 1  lost earring but a second  lost one to  my most  precious pair that Lynn gave me for our 35.   anniversary. This must be a red letter day!

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