Sunday, January 12, 2014

Suits me to a Tea

It feels  so  great to have the  Christmas decorations down and put away.... to  start out  the new year, I am thinking  fresh....  and  that makes me think  yellow and blue!
 photo a6b5c897-cf3e-43ed-b7bd-28eaa4e6f378_zpsbec7531e.jpg  
I see from this photo  from a few years ago, I was in a yellow and  blue mood as well,   but   this year I am changing it up a bit...the challenge  is always,  how I can  make it  really speak to my inner sensibilities!
My sensibilities  this  new year  are  strained from one end of the spectrum to the other....  dealing with death of a parent  on one extreme, and the  birth of my first grandchild on the  it's no telling   how I will  bring yellow  for the   excitement of   new life together with the "blues"  of  loss and  memories....  it is a work in progress...  so   I'll finish  this post   in a few hours!
The table is set for tomorrow's   mini  brunch    with my  Prayer Sista's

I think it  looks   casually cheerful!

I  really   love the  soft creamery yellow   against the  various blues for January..   it still  recalls the  crispness of  a  winter's day with the  promise of  a Southern  sun  shining through the window panes..

I never got my snowmen out for the holidays,
so  this handsome fellow  will keep us smiling  ! 
The blue transferware patterns  have been my last one to  start  adding to my collection,  probably, because they seem to be  so  prevalent, at least around here...  so  my collection is rather limited...I   love   searching  through   antique and consignment shops  looking for  various   items  ...  mix and match suits me to a tea!  This first plate, Im not   so   enticed by  for its story  is  pretty one-dimensional.. 
Most of the rest  are  English   countryside themes... 
I   was  fortunate to find a  set of 3  of these   in my favorite consignment shop last winter. 
But this is my favorite... I always   am drawn  to the castle patterns  first and foremost! 
I have now collected   the black, red, and blue....  but my available storage limits me to these three without a doubt!

So  now in the morning all I will have to do is  bake my Impossible Quiche and  perk the coffee, steep the tea, and  look forward to sharing with  my very best friends! 

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  1. Blue and yellow are always happy together and your table looks lovely. I like the snowman under the cloche. Hope you have a nice lunch and meeting.

  2. Right after Christmas I went back to my blue and white china. It just always feels right. Yours is lovely and I love the pattern 'Country-side'. I'm sorry to read of your loss. Losing a parent is life-changing. Hugs, Deb

  3. Your table looks lovely for your group's brunch. Blue and white with yellow is a pretty combination and I love the transfer ware. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Oh, your table is so pretty! I love the soft yellow with the blue transferware. You have some beautiful patterns. Your friends will enjoy themselves at such a pretty setting. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  5. I love the blue and white transfer ware. Your table looks amazing. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Martha

  6. Your post is lovely. The blue and white is fresh and cheery. I am sorry to hear about your sorrow. Truly.
    Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.

  7. What a lovely table and the blue with the yellow is wonderful! I am so sorry for your loss. My Mother passed in October and I know this is a sad time. Happy for your joyful new grandchild.

  8. Your blue and white dishes are gorgeous! The quiche sounds marvelous -perfect! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  9. Hello Schotzy, I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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