Monday, January 6, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 605-609

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605.  I  am so thankful  for my  digital camera  that I carry everywhere I go... just in revolutionized my life in many ways!
Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Ham Recipe
  recipe here at Taste of Home
606.  When I opened the fridge I was so thankful to  be able to say..."ok,  I'll finish up the baked ham,"   which I cut up in a nice scrambled egg with  parmesan cheese... and I thought,  "and I couldnt think of  something  to fix for dinner! yayayayayaya"
607.  I just had  face time with  the two most precious  out-of-towners,   yet     occupants of my heart,  Amanda and lil Birdie!
608.  Holding the microphone  to my mouth on Christmas Eve  when our family lit and  shared the Christ Child Candle at church was  so  amazing to me,   because generally, I would have felt  like I was quaking in my shoes; the  church was packed , but I didnt feel anything akin to nervousness, at all.  Ever since I prayed to the Lord for boldness in doing His will,   my life has changed....  I find myself talking about spiritual things in  groups, and offering  testimonies  of God's work our lives  often.... It is thrilling to  be able to remove my  self-consciousness when doing His work and sharing  His love....  Praise the Lord!
609.  On Saturday  at the graveside  burial  of a WWII veteran flier and  great hero,

  2 P-51s did a pass  over....  it was thrilling,  touching,,, so many emotions  were overwhelming that I  cried  crocodile tears for the  beauty of it... 

 One of the heroic  fetes  of  this   brave  flier was to chase a  Messersmitt under the Eiffel Tower before shooting him down...
Photo: "Berlin Express Arrives in Paris" - Bill Overstreet in his P51C Mustang the "Berlin Express" chases an ME109G under the Eiffel Tower - Spring of 1944.  Bill died Sunday, Dec 29th.  One of the great fighter pilots from WWII gone.  We will miss his humility and great sense of humor.

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