Friday, February 14, 2014


Five-Minute Fridays
Five-Minute Fridays
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Now to lead into this   week's topic  you really   should visit Lisa Jo's    site and see the  driving   force behind  this week's topic....  the story begins  with her!
This week's!
The  cold damp earth,   satisfied  by the  snow and rains,     patiently  waits for the sun's rejuvenating warmth to  energize and   bring it   to its  sustaining   moment   of  release....   that  life  sustaining   mix of  element plus  seed  that     bursts forth  in germinating power  and  new life is  birthed in the dark....  The  nutrient rich soil    nurtures the  seedling  as it  pushes its way to   break through  to  the surface and  absorbs it first  sense of   sunlight,       a living thing this     botanical  miracle  of science,,,, of   divine design...      a fresh new being  designed  for its own purpose under heaven.  Whether  propagated  by nature  or by man,  this   beautiful  species  grows to satisfy  man's   desires,   whether, for food or  for pleasure,   for nutrition or beauty....  whether 'tis planted   by the hand of  man in  spectacular array,  or  for   mans' own  sustenance,  or   by the hand of God  in  primal  space  no man has imagined...   we call  it  garden....  which means  "life giving paradise".
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  1. I love the picture of the seed pushing through the soil! Visiting from FMF!

  2. God's great earth is truly miraculous! Thanks for capturing this so well! Visiting from FMF, too!


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