Friday, February 21, 2014


Five-Minute Fridays
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Now to lead into this week's topic you really should visit Lisa Jo's site and see the driving force behind this week's topic.... the story begins with her! today's word: SMALL!


The first thing I thought of when I thought "small" has more power and the most significant impact on my life... God's still, 'small" voice .. his Holy Spirit testifying to my spirit in so many ways.... The Truth of God,,, the Truth of His Word, the Truth of the gospel for my life, the Truth of my salvation,, the Truth of my position in God's kingdom and His love for me.It is almost like how is it possible that something that so completely life transforming , so unchangeable, so powerful, so undeniable that it could come to one is such a small way... a small voice that is so easily missed because of the cacophany of the world.. a voice that stands alone amid the myriad voices that flood the inner recesses of one's mind, yet once it is revealed for who it is, it contains all the peace, love, shelter, strength, power, healing that can drive the most stubborn hearer to their knees ... it is instilled with the power to affect revolutionary change , calm an angry beast, and shower the most ruptured heart with a soothing balm of comfort.... One tiny small voice.... small, yet huge... don't miss it.



  1. I love this. Thank you! 'Don't miss it.'

  2. I almost went along those very lines. I love your blog. I am Irish and love Ireland...this blog made me smile. Stopping by from FMF.

  3. Happy to have linked up after you from FMF. I can totally relate. I know I've missed that small voice before because I've made myself too busy. What an awesome reminder for all of us to just sit, be still, and listen. ~Tanya


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