Monday, February 10, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (636-644) Encouragement

I am joining with  Ann Voskamp to  recount my many  blessings  here..
636.    the encouraging  phone  call and or hug   from my  dearest  friends    who know  me  well and   can read  me   when  I am soulfully mourning....  yes,    I do sometimes, since the death of my father

The encouraging  tenets   from  the awesome   writings of  great  men of God
638.     the encouragement of   a  sweet friend  who really knows me well,  and    extends    grace to me  in  supplying    a want in my simple as  checking a book for my tea party out for me and  bringing it to church to me  ....  so thoughtful!
 639.   The encouragement    and  loving  grace my husband  extends to me   each morning  so I can  enjoy     my pleasures in life!

640.  The awesome encouragement I   receive   from   a morning spent  doing my   Beth Moore  
study on  David, A Man after God's Own Heart.
641...   and listening   to   Pandora's   wondrous   song.  Be Still My Soul

642.  The encouragement I get from  the  daily posts on Ann's   site on which I will  link up  to   soon!  Her ability to  speak through the spirit  feeds  us with so much grace!
643.  The  encouragement      for me in attending  my weekly  house   group  teaching on  things of the spirit  that     edify and   strengthen me....   the sharing   we   enjoy  in knowing we are  all  seeking  and   are of one accord....  this is so rare  to   find...  thank you, Lord!
644.  The encouragement  in knowing that   His spirit in me  is testifying to me   of God's love and  grace   and blessings   he  has for me  each  day.....   and  in giving me eyes to see and ears to hear from Him....   Life's daily miracles to me!

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