Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday
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1.Well, it appears our   winter is losing  its battle and spring is  pushing    forward...  
Our  2 feet of snow is   now   a  recent memory....  just  dirty patches remain.
2.  This morning   with the  cold ground and the   warm air,   the   most lovely fog  settled  around the neighborhood..
It  reminded me  so much of those early days of our marriage when we lived   Germany,   the  fog was so   dense  you  couldnt see your hand in front of your face....  especially  at night
3.  So while   spring  was   attempting to   make  its early appearance outside,,, 
my valentine roses  are still   making merry in  the dining room.

4. I ran across  this   beautiful photo  of my mother  that  was taken  when she was recuperating from her  knee replacement and was  awarded the model  patient  in  therapy...  to my recollection this was  almost 10 years ago.  now my mother is   soon to be 91    and  she struggles  so much with   her condition....  which has taken   quite a toll on her ...   she  would have   what is  termed failure to thrive because    she  simply refuses to eat....I love this photo of her.... 

I have been  planning  my  Book Chat Tea menu....  and all I will say about it  now is  ...uummmmm  it is going to  be so much fun!


  1. oh, you mom looks so sweet. i love her scarf - reminds me of my great aunt. miss her so. ( :
    love your blog back ground. i wish you well on your party planning. that sounds like fun.

  2. A book chat tea, now that sounds like a fabulous idea.

  3. Bless your sweet mom -- I hope she is feeling well this week. Thanks for joining in -- much appreciated! xo


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