Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's Random 5

Random 5 Friday
Click on  the icon to  visit Nancy at A Rural Journey....  because  this is   Valentine's Day, I  will share  5 random things that I love....

1.  I absolutely   adore   facetime  with  our  beautiful daughter and   our  precious granddaughter

2.  I love  the call of the white throated sparrow...
it is the most  hauntingly beautiful sound in nature..
 they are  heard   in  our area   in the very early morning....  I think their song is heavenly!
3. I  love  Utz's  buttered absolute  favorite snack!

4.  I  am mesmerized by the  beauty of  Pandora's  Anuna  Radio.  I discovered Anuna, the Celtic singers,  a few years ago when I  was listening to Liveireland radio   in  Dublin..  since that time I have  purchased all of their  cd's  but now with  Pandora  I am learning of so many wonderfully similar Celtic is a taste of Anuna!

5.  Taking photos of  sunsets....   I only wish   that we had  a better view of the setting sun...that is one reason why I am so anxious to actually  go out to celebrate  Valentine's  tomorrow evening...
hopefully, the  driving conditions will be better... because  our  restaurant is perched on a lofty site  overlooking  the city  
We  will be seated by the window   looking  right into the  western sky..... at dusk....  Looking forward  to it all...


  1. Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for sharing at R5F this week. xo

    1. Nancy, thank you for hosting this,. I participated in a random 5 years ago, but lost track of it somehow.. I enjoyed participating!

  2. Face Time is awesome. I always feel better when I "see" my daughter as opposed to just talking to her on the phone.

    1. Isnt that the truth...our daughter lives 12 hours away, and now with Lil Birdie, it is hard not to see her grow and change! At Christmas, Birdie couldnt hold her head up... now she sits by herself....almost!


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