Monday, November 30, 2015

Joyful. Joyful

Finally, the  Christmas   box is out of the living and   things are  shaping... perhaps not   completely  but  well  enough to make me  happy  with my  quiet time in there! Because of a   decorative light problem I  did  some  changing about to make it all work....  the mantel  and  the  tree in the corner  are   finally    complete!

Here is one of the  several changes that have  happened  that I  wrote of in my previous post....
We have arrived at  a juncture in life when  neither of us  was willing to put the big tree up....  so  We are enjoying  our year round trees  in new   venues and new purposes....  it surely is much easier!
I had   a  lovely  wrought iron planter  as the centerpiece for the mantel,   but  it was  a  royal pain  plugging the lights in  so  I switched it for this   sweet  medieval lantern
So now the living room is aglow with  lights.....  I do enjoy them so!

The  creche   in candlelight...  
The  sweet  vintage  ceramic  tree  hubby's mother made  over 50 years ago....  hard to believe   we lost her over 45 years ago.
So there by the door is   my   favored  arched planter.... I like it there because  that   outlet is connected to the   switch by the stairs and serves as our night light in the evenings!
But because of the  rough iron I  must use   cloths  on the  surfaces..... 
  A bit of a wider view on into the  dining room... 
I must say the lights of  Christmas  certainly  dissipate the  drear of  rainy days
I am still loving   the    Christmas tray  that I mother painted and sold in a Guild  craft show  at least  25 years ago   that I found  in a  local consignment shop...  I  posted about it last week.... It really  boosted its  persona  when I simply  removed the sad ribbon and   sanitized it nicely....  I can feel mama smiling down on me as I am typing this post!
I know, previously, I  had  Mr. and Mrs. Fox  visiting  on the   hutch....  I think I am liking the  look  just fine this year....   everything in its season of life!
This year I am loving the  red and white gingham ribbon  with the red and white  dishes....  I really must  find another roll of that ribbon...  maybe a trip to Michael's is in my future! 

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  1. I love your red transferware! They are perfect for Christmas. Your home looks warm and inviting. I thought I would let you know that I featured your post this week at my party. Enjoy your week, my friend.


  2. Love the idea of decorating your year-round trees for Christmas!

  3. Love the idea of decorating your year-round trees for Christmas!

  4. so very beautiful, like your heart my friend.

  5. Dear Schotzy:
    I feel Christmas in this place! The twinkle lights here and there, the snowflakes and the music sure set the stage for festive decor. I am so glad you shared your decorations.

  6. I do love all your transferware, and, of course your mantle! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Everything looks so lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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