Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Autumn Memories

Not so very long ago  we were  crying the blues  because it was so hot and dry... now as we  proceed through the first week of October,   change is definitely in the air..  With temps that barely  reach the 60's  and cloudy,  gloomy skies... not to mention the threat of  a dangerous  hurricane  heading along our  eastern  coast..  I,  first of all, lift up  all those in harm's way in prayer.. That they find themselves safe and secure and that  the powerful   storm will  relent and turn back asea  before  setting its  sites on  another coastline..  We pray for those in Haiti, Cuba, and  the Bahamas  who are already feeling the wrath of the tempest.  We pray that  aid will be  fast and  productive  in  restoring that which has been lost,  and we pray just as  I have heard  many times today on the weather channel that they predict for the worst and hope for the best.. so that  the best is yet to come.
 It is  times like this that  home holds a special meaning... that  autumn in the home  offers a warmth and comfort that helps to bind up our  concerns and leaves a hopeful spirit within us..

There is a cosy feeling  to  an  autumn room that  draws you in..perhaps to pick up that  great book and   curl up  with a cup of tea  and  dive into historical  drama  leaving the present drama  far behind.
Or just to walk room to room through  an autumn house and   allow the  warm colors to embrace you   with  their love .. for me they  conjure up wonderful memories of other autumns.
 As I pass  through to the dining room   I am reminded of the autumn that  my soon to be  Son in Law  gave us  that gorgeous wall curio that houses  meaningful tokens of our family...
I remember the  sweet autumn my dear mother  gave me  the  pewter tea pot  that is so very dear to me.
 I even  remember just this  autumn  when my  precious  Mr. Fox  cunningly charmed his way into  my heart  and into my shopping basket ... I know we will together create many more memories throughout the coming seasons.
Even the sunroom  with that  amazing table scarf I found a few autumns ago on our trip to Kennebuckport, Me... such a wonderful vacation.. our first  trip to a New England autumn!
Autumn is a season of remembrance and  rest...  as  the old year  is beginning to wind down and    go into its dormant stage... Perhaps that is why the colors of fall are so  dramatic and  warm.. reflective of  wonderful days of yore and  the deep meaning they hold for us!!


  1. What a wonderful post, filled with lots of sweet memories for you. What a son-in-law you have to have given you such a beautiful piece! We have driven through Maine, but only stopped in Booth Bay~we loved it!
    Happy Autumn to you!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Wonderful reflection! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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