Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorite Five

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This has been been a rather  low key week for us..  but I did ahve  a couple of  grat  experiences...
1.  One of my favorite  times this week  was  getting together  with  some  special friends  to dine   at a local  restaurant primarily to hear some teaching from a great  Bible scholar and teacher    that  I used to  sit under regularly.. but  for this and that reason  hadnt seen in a couple of years. His name is John,  he is a very young 82  and is the most interesting and   accomplished  theologian in my acquaintance. In his early career he  received his  seminary degree in the presbyterian church  which is how he met his  beautiful bride.  
But  soon  following  his induction in the presbytery, he found the Holy Spirit in a powerful way and  and that didnt sit well with the church leadership and he found himself  set aside.. which ultimately was the turning point in his life.. But  not being deterred he sought out opportunities to serve  under the direction of the Spirit  and  he  found himself working  along side Billy Graham for many years as a Christian advisor to the thousands who    found the Lord during Graham's  Crusades.  John travelled the world   and his faith and  capacity  of understanding   truth  grew exponentially. Through  this work he was  very priveleged to meet  and work along  some of the most renown Christian  authors and  ministers of the day.  This
led him to  partner with  one of my favorite  Spirit led teachers,  Derek Prince.  He worked alongside  Derek for several decades  especially in India where John still  is the overseer of  a faith/medical ministry there. He is also  closely affiliated with the  Derek Prince Ministries in Charlotte  and  keeps his  students,  of which I am priveleged to  be one,  supplied with  Derek's  many books and  teaching  tools.. One of my favorite things to do is listen to Derek's teaching on youtubes.. His work online and in print is  very prolific!  I am now  doing this study:
Self Study Bible Course
I have  been a student of  Bible teaching for  decades,  but this  study guide really puts it all into  perspective....!!

2.  This week  we also had a lengthy  Choir practice  for our Christmas program  coming up the second weekend in December.  I am falling in love with our new music... at first, it  seems  a bit  odd  as  old carols take on a new  arrangment and oftentimes a compcletely new tone..  One such song is  Little Town which, of course, is  a rendition of O Little Town of Bethlehem..  and at first,  I was like  why have they  changed one of my favorite carols,...  but as it is coming together  it is  really quite  beautiful.. here is Amy Grant's    performance of the song....   a bit  more country  than we do it.. but you get the idea!!!  It is  really upbeat  and the harmonies in our  arrangement are  really  gorgeous!!

3. Hubs and I are  really enjoying our nightly    film festival..  the old  BBC series of the 90's  entitled Campion....  Lynn's cousin is letting us borrow the series and ,at first, I really didnt think it would appeal to me.. but  we are really  finding it  rather delightful! Last evening we  saw The Lady of the Chalice ....a real  gothic thriller.... here is a scene!
Set in  Northern England  in the early thirties it  has  that Downton  attitude we all love so much.

4.  This week  we finally got to have a bit of facetime with our  daughter and her  tots...  They had been travelling and  were  unable to connect for a couple of weeks...  I was  dying on the vine  for  our face to face visit!  Our oldest grand daughter had  just turned 3  and  she  is always such a  rare delight!!!

5.  Not that this is  a  great  momentous thing,   in truth, I am  rather deflated...  today we were going to  go to  the beach  for a week with  friends....  but, because of the severity of the NC flooding,  an area through which we would normally travel and  the overall storm damage   on the SE coast in general.. where so many have lost life and    real property damage  we just didnt feel this was a time to  be reveling there.  You have  no idea how difficult it is to get Hubs to agree to  a vacation at the beach... I may have related here  before it has been 13 years since we ventured  SE to the coast.  I am starved for the ebb and flow of the  waves and the  wind in my hair..  I  love to set up my easel and paint the  horizon.. petulant seas and skies! Well, Im sure  when  God deems it is my time to  get there  I will.... 


  1. We hear a number of old hymns set to new tunes these days. Some are very nice - with some, I think, you can't possibly improve on the original! LOL! But I try to keep an open mind.

    Glad you got to Facetime with your kids and grands. Even though my one grandson lives nearby, we still Facetime throughout the week.

    I grew up near the beach and sometimes just long for that beachy feeling. We live nowhere near a beach now. Hope you get to go sooner rather than later.

    I had not heard of Campion - will have to look it up.

  2. THanks for the great comment... If you like Downton I think youd like Campion.... another wonderful BBC series of a Detective type but still British WW2 era is Foyle's War... I absolutely love that one and is actually on Netflix now.. I find there isnt much on tv these days I watch too much food network and then want to eat!!!

  3. Facetime is such a tech marvel. That is how I regularly visit my oldest grand daughter (will be 4 in February). So glad you had the opportunity to visit your daughter and her tots.

    I am going to look up that BBC series Campion. Sounds just like something I would enjoy, too.

    How wonderful to be able to visit with a long time mentor. His life is one of awesome obedience and fruit.

    Have a great week.


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