Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Week of Golf

I must confess  that  our household has been  consumed with the Ryder Cup this week...probably  a lot has to do with the fact that our kids are there  with  tickets this week..This was a great  time for them to reconnect with a lot of  SIL's family who live in Minnesota... but as I much prefer great golf to  any Superbowl,  Nascar race or  Final Four.. The intrigue is so  dynamic with each new hole...  especially the way this tournament is  arranged..Another  fun thing   was that hubs was, of course, cheering  for Team USA while I was  Europe all the way!.. Well, for one thing, European players had the coolest clothes...  that is a fact because Amanda was there and she  pointed it out to me...  and I had to agree!And of  course, my favorite Brit  was playing and  did well, even though he didnt win the point in the end...  But I can't even imagine trying to concentrate when thousands of fans are cheering against you... Yes,  there was a rowdy bunch of fans there for sure.  But  it  has been an  exciting  experience trying to find  the kids in the camera shots...  My eyes are bloodshot from squinting...    
Hazeltine Golf Course is  so beautiful
Image result for hazeltine golf course
So  just to  enjoy the  beauty of the course was   wonderful,  but  I really enjoyed  watching Rory play..  why is he a favorite?...  My family hails form  Northen Ireland,  as does Rory,  and  after our tour there last year.. my heart  longs to return there.. I  love  everything from NI and  Ireland in general!

at 27 years of age....
May you have many long  years of golf ahead of you!!!!

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