Monday, October 10, 2016

WHooooooo's Ready for Elevenses??

This morning I looked outside and finally the mums   are  blooming... and I thought.. why dont you   set up an October  vignette in the kitchen,  so  hubs  and I  enjoyed  elevenses!!!  Just a snack to tide us over til lunch..
Early spring this year  while visiting our daughter near Boston.. I  found  these darling owl cups at Home Goods.. They  say on the bottom.. Rose of England..  made in  United Kingdom.  Ive been saving them for  today, I guess... They feel so great in the hand... and  Pumpkin Spice tea is the tea of choice for these  autumn vessels..  Haahaa, I actually heard an owl last night right outside our  bedroom window!!!

It was so funny... I love our  new kitchen,  but  being an English Tudor house,  the kitchen is small and I  dont particularly like  open rooms  so    when we had it redone last  summer we  worked within the  regular foot print.. but  we  got double the storage  by  including a pantry and  cabinets  all around the room.  But the work space  is still  rather limited... When Hubs passed through here  while I was assembling this he said...  "Where is my toaster?  You're not planning on leaving all that up all the time are you?"...Poor guy...  he is so pragmatic and  a  true creature of habit... I love how he  does all the morning  coffee, yogurt, and  muffin   service,, plus he is the primary dish washer...  what a doll!  But things have to be just  so...  Im in trouble if I  move anything... So I will   try to figure out  what I can keep out and  what  I cannot.. but for now it is   making me happy..
Yes, I heated the water in the microwave  whchh invariably leaves that  foam on top of  tea with a tad  of sugar..  But I love how my owls are    camouflaging themselves   into my granite... but I still see you!!!!  And  even though Hubs wasn't too sure  that our elevenses were going to  be enough for him to  ward off the    grumbles... he  was  really excited about the  cup of tea.. it was so delicious!!!
I will also add that I now  have a favorite autumn pairing... 
Hubs so  sweetly brought me a surprise yesterday.. knowing how  much I love  everything Irish.. He found  this  fabulous Irish cheddar all bound up in its  green wax casing.. The label says  made from the rich milk from  beautiful Irish cows  who have  eaten  the lush  green grass of  the  leas of Ireland..well, it is  a  pretty stout  cheddar  which I love  and the ginger  snaps stand right up with them...  a tasty  bite if ever there is one!!!

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  1. Dear Schotzy:
    I loved your post and especially the black transferware plate, mugs and yummy fall foods! Thanks so much for sharing.


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