Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Perhaps Tomorrow

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Right around here  at my house.. the mums are finally  coming into their own!!!
 photo 022d0b2e-1c97-43f4-9f93-9749b4abb338_zpsmanlxsds.jpg
I  love their vibrant  hues!
 photo autumn2010148.jpg

As I look our my windows the dogwoods   are  heralding the season
 photo autumn2010192.jpg

But  the mums take  first place in  autumn color...
autumn2010146 photo autumn2010146.jpg

But  as we  travel up into the mountains,  things  are  a changin'!
 photo 6fd8cb76-05cd-4da2-8abd-45f68c141a2e_zpsvsdnzzks.jpg
There we find the  russets and the oranges!
 photo IMG_0440_zpsf309371b.jpg
Roadside country stores  quickly let you know  autumn has arrived!!

 photo 87f92952-80ec-4839-b320-266514f9fa65_zpsbr8zi7mh.jpg

Maybry Mill in SW Virginia is a  favorite autumn destination!!
 photo autumnaroundhome026.jpg
You just dont see  that color  nearby our house... yet!!!
 photo autumnaroundhome027.jpg
But with early evening sunsets and  chilly night temps.. who knows what tomorrow may bring!!!!
 photo autumnevening004.jpg


  1. My favorite time of year is Fall. I adore all your fall photos. Thanks for posting them. See you next week.

  2. Very beautiful flowers! Love that sunset too ♥

  3. I am a summer person but I do love the fall colours



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