Monday, October 24, 2016

Blogging..An Extension of Myself

Monday's Musings #239 | What Joy Is Mine

This week on Monday's Musings  Naomi is asking  us to share about how we get into blogging... I retired from teaching in 2003  after 30 years of working with 8 and 9 year olds.. One of my  favorite   studies with them  was  teaching them the elements of writing... As they composed, I would write,  as well, to demonstrate the lesson... and the  kids  learned so quickly and  applied the  objectives and really  enjoyed  their  journalling  so much more  as they displayed purpose in the creative process.  
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My students asked me, "    Teacher, we know you love to write,  how are you going to  continue  your  pleasure  after you quit teaching us?"  That was  a very  life changing question for me...  because  self expression had always  been   a habit.. I am a a rather solitary soul... being an only child and  at that time an empty -nester,   I felt I did wish to document   my days.. I  immediately bought a new journal.. I love  breaking in those stiff , new bindings .   Now that I had all the time in the world, I started keeping a spiritual journal to document my  quiet time and write praise and prayers  to the Lord...and I still keep  journals.   but then in 2008  I got  my first digital camera... and  began the quest to  go online..  I  started  participating in writing  contests  which were  quite enjoyable...   but  wasn't  the fit I was  seeking..  Then I found 
Blogger....  I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up  my own blog...  
Ever since blogging has become an extension of my true self.. it has opened my own eyes into the uncharted regions of my innermost self as I have searched out the hidden  dreams and intent of my heart... Foremost, it has deepened my need to express praise and honor to the the Most High God!  I have learned more about denying my will and  knowing and doing the Will of the One who created all things, through blogging.  It is through the times of contemplation, the times of choosing what and even when to post...  what to write and not to write... allowing the Spirit to lead me in every aspect of blogging.. for it is my uttermost desire to glorify God and His precious Son, Jesus Christ through everything I do and say here.
Now you have opened the door, take a peep inside ...... follow your dreams, who knows who you will meet on this journey....Cindy:
 Secondly, it is an open portal to the world... at least those things of the world that interest me the most.  Blogging has given me opportunities to learn so much.... as I have researched places, people, and topics of interest  to post about and learn about.    But one of the greatest things about blogging is the opportunity it has given me to meet new friends from all over the country and the world.  To visit other blogs   and build connections with differing views, and interests, learn more about crafting, redecorating, arts, history,   so many things that new friends share on their blogs. 

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