Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite Family Foto

Even though Deborah has taken sabbatical from hosting this theme I still would love to post some fotos of my favorite family member Lynn from his procedure he had this week. Now you probably think... what... how horrible of Carolyn to do such a thing, but actually Lynn requested that for our family documentation and so the family can share in what has gone on Lynn wanted me to take these photos and blog on them.
Last summer Lynn knew he'd have to have another kidney blast to pulverize the remaining stone on his left side and he put it off as long as he could. Tuesday we had him at the hospital by 5am.
I am always amazed how busy that place is even at such am early hour. The surgical waiting room was completely full. This time they wouldnt let me go with him until after they had him all set for surgery so I was called back there after about an hour. Then we got to wait in the surgical /recovery section for at least another hour.
This year they have done away with the toasty warmed blankets they used to offer patients...which I always loved, and replaced them with disposable gown that hooks up to a heat pump and warm air fills up an inner bladder that keeps the patient comfy.
Lynn appears to be showing no discomfort or anxiety at all. Praise God!
Finally after meeting with the surgeon and the anesthetist, he was prepared to go in around 7:15.
I went down to the coffee shop and had a coffee and enjoyed watching the city come to life.
Knowing that the procedure would take about a half hour, I hurried back to the waiting room to see the doctor who so graciousy comes to speak to me in person instead of a lame phone call.
He was there by 8 on the dot.
And then I was called to see Lynn following recovery at a little before 9!
Following his first trip to the john, he realized he must have had a struggle sometime for his "bladder" had come disconnected! He asked me to line up the shot so that the clock would reveal the truth of just how wonderfully well he did get along on this trip for his lithotrypsy!
By this time even being on drugs and a tad woozy, his appetite was kicking in so he requested a stop at the Roanoker where he ordered eggs, bacon, and pancakes!
we praise God for His provision of safety, security, healing, and recovery through this trial. Actually, because we were documenting it I believe the light-heartedness and laughter we experienced through it all helped in setting the tone of cheerfuness and a real freedom from fear. Even so, though we give God all the glory for going before us and paving the way, being with the doctors, and protecting us from any germs we might have come in contact with there.
God is good all the time!


  1. Dougie from R villeJuly 31, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    The hospital pics are great. However, please consider delecting the bladder pic for safety sake. Someone may get the wromg impression about hospital gowns with bladders.



  2. Haha great pictures. I'm sure Dougie won't mind you posting the hospital visit with such detail!

    Love you and great pic of the sunroom too. I like the table over there and am sure that you're both really enjoying your "new" place!!

    Talk to you soon,
    Amanda :)


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