Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and to tell you the truth I haven't been that excited about getting another year older. Dont get me wrong, I am happy to be alive and God blesses my life like you wouldn't believe! However, it seemed my bones and joints have been screaming at me more and more and I have been missing having Amanda around me as I turn this corner, (not to make you feel bad, honey) but honestly, there are times when the missing is more prominent than others. It is difficult for a mother to make that final transition when their only child moves so far away. I'm thrilled for her happiness and successes and the thrill of hearing about how she is making her new home, but.... anyway, Amanda, I look forward to our phone call later, sweetie, ....

But at the same time this has been a fabulous birthday week. God provides from his heavenly bounty all good gifts when we least expect them, or when we need them most! Monday, my dear sweet mother took me ( Well, I drove her) shopping and she bought me my hearts desire... a lovely church outfit and a darling pair of pink check petal pushes ... ok,, capris.
Yesterday I got to go on a Girl's Day Outing which was phenomenally wonderful! We went up to the mountains to a small town called Floyd. There tucked away amid the rolling hills we found complete solace. We visited 3 daylily farms. The first really concentrated more on hosta varieties. I've ridden past right by this property hundreds of times and missed the secrets we discovered yesterday!
The day couldnt have been more perfect. The air cool and breezy, the sky crystal clear and
azure blue!
The company and fellowship so sweet as best friends shared in the wonders of God's perfect creation.

The setting was just perfectly suitable for the growing of gigantic hostas.
A bit further afield we came to Wildwood, a lily farm that covered expanse after expanse of sunny colorful meadow!
Here I found and purchased 2 gorgeous lilies, one a princely royal violet and one a golden butter variety. Both are later bloomers and will be shown off in the coming weeks. We then stopped in the town of Floyd and had a wonderful luncheon at the Blue Ridge Cafe on main Street and then perused the local hardware which has always shone off its magical garden treasures in its storefronts enticing travellers to stop in and investigate yet that was our first visit! Fun!
Many thanks to Gerri for buying my lunch yesterday! So generous and sweet of you!!!!

On our return home we stopped at another lily farm, this one distinctly different yet again though I just soaked in the rural setting and peace.
Then we stopped at a divine little coun try shop in the miniscule community of Check, Virginia and bought a homemade ice cream cone and rocked in wonderfully comfy chairs on the wrap around veranda overlooking the byway and the surrounding country. The cooling breezes and crisp clean air was electrifying. It was so difficult to leave! All too soon I was back home. But then....
today when I returned from Bible study I found a wonderful package on the the doorstep.
My Mitford Secret Pal had sent me the msot thoughtful and wonderful box of treasures.
What a Sensual Pamper Me Good load of goodies! Frangrant oils with warmer and tea lights, scented soap, Bath teas, a Complete packet of spa essentials, sponges, pumice stones, brush, tea assortments, every sense will be tantalized and refreshed! Thank you, Lord for loving me through this precious friend!!!! And last but not least the book, God's Anointed Times ( Celebrating the Biblical Holidays) a topic near and dear to my heart! My Secret Pal knows me well! All this for my birthday and it is not nearly over yet! See I told you I am so blessed with wonderful family, friends, and by God and His precious Holy Spirit! I cant wait to see what Lynn and Amanda come up with... and another special friend has something coming.... I love to spead it out.. dont you? I guess, I was wrong.. I love birthdays!!!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Carolyn. May God grant you many more happy birthdays!

  2. What an excellent gift from your secret pal! Everything seemed just perfect for you and a nice way to pamper yourself :)

    Love your lily farm pictures- who knew there were so many lily farmers in the area! I can't imagine how many times we drove past those places and never even knew they were there! So glad you found some good ones- I'll look forward to seeing more pictures in the next few weeks!

    Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!!
    Talk to you tonight!

    Amanda :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!Sounds like you had a Magnificent day!!Beautiful photos and what goodies you received!!

  4. Happy Birthday, lovely lady! :) I hope you have many more grand days ahead of you. You are in my prayers.


  5. Happy Birthday Carolyn! You are truly blessed. Let me share something about your Amanda, she misses you just as much, and it is just as hard for her to have moved away as it is for you to be behind. You still have your familiar things, she had to start over. She didn't cut the aprong strings Carolyn she just stretched them from your home to her new one. Share tea long distance, Moma sends me tea cups and we have tea together every time I pick it up and have tea. It makes me think of her and then I call. You will find new ways to allow your love to grow. Like a butterfly she had to spread her wings. Have a beautiful blessed day Carolyn. Happy Birthday. Country Hugs, Sherry

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Carolyn. I hope you have a lovely evening! And what a sweet secret pal you have. :)


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  7. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Carolyn!! Looks like you had a blast!1 I have never been to a flower farm! What a lovely experience!! I was wondering how your mother's heart was doing with Amanda gone, but didn't want to say anything to make you think more about it if it was bothering you.

    I have prayed for you in that area though, and will continue to do so!

    Your secret pal sure blessed you! What fun!!
    Hope your Friday is fantastic, and that your birthday gets even more spread out! (I like it when that happens, too!) :o)

    Love ya,

  8. Happy Bday == thanks for taking us on the lily trip with you. What a sweet sharing story.

    I can understand your feeling about your sweet daughter. When you can -- step back and enjoy your and her journey -- it is what is ment to be and the alternative to enjoyment kinda stinks. Its all in the choice of how you look at things. You both have a new journey to enjoy.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥


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