Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three or More

Alright so I am a day behind, but that's not so usual in my life these days! I had such a grand day yesterday with my buddies and will post all about that soon, but I just am compelled to share these photos in this theme today! Yesterday I was visiting my British webcams and took these wonderful photos of the Lake District... the area about which the fabled Darcy's lived, the home of the famed Beatrice Potter. I am amazed at how wonderfully these webcam shots turn out! This shot is taken at The Shires Inn a lovely pastorale locale . Sometimes there are sheep grazing in the shots.

The play of sunlight transforms these next two shots!
and my favorite!
Photobucket Oh, to be there in person... that is my dream!! There are more to see at The Gypsy's Corner!

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