Monday, August 31, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook


FOR TODAY August 31, 2009...
Outside my window... a cool, overcast, but muggy typical late summer day. The forecast shows no rain, and cooler temps for the week!

I am thinking... how grand it will be when soon, we will leave for our northern excursion.

I am thankful for... godly wisdom.. I pray that heavenly wisdom will temper me more and more with every action... every relationship... every thought... every motive.

From the kitchen... I am aiming to clean out the fridge and use up as much as possible... a head of broccoli is calling to me... broccoli salad is on my agenda!

I am wearing... white tee and cornflower blue capris.

I am creating... a tune list on and repetoire of favorite songs for my mp3 player to take on our trip. Hopefully this will replace our jammed cd player and give me some musical relief over the long, long road to Amanda's

I am going... to be getting all the laundry done for packing. I am excited to say that Lynn received an award for 35 years service... a new21 inch American Tourister carryon bag he's letting me use on this trip!!! I love all the bells and whistles it has!!!

I am reading... The Wedding, by Julia Garwood, the Psalms, Watchman Prayer,by Dutch Sheets

I am hoping... that this ridiculous dread of travelling over long bridges will cease and desist from me... because the map reveals several lengthy bridges along our planned routes. I am not scared of the structure, but of the other drivers on the bridge. I know that there is no good reason to harbor these fears... I am working on them!

I am hearing... the whirring of the ceiling fan which is creating such a deliciously cool breeze in the room. all else is quiet and serene on this lazy August afternoon.

Around the house... right now the house has several staging areas where items for packing are accumulating. The dining room table hosts things Amanda left with us when they moved to the Boston area... things they asked us to bring up the first time we visited. The guest room bed is the staging room for the packing of my clothes. The sunroom is staging the packing of the incidentals we always need on any vacation...and will eventually hosts all the bags and paraphenalia needed to insure our comfort on journey away from home.

One of my favorite things... is planning trips and choosing the wonderful places to stay in route. This trip requires an overnight coming and going.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Meet with the church leadership to discuss the prayer ministry direction
Luncheon with Dottie
Organize organize organize
Pack, pack Pack
Ageless Group Bible study- outreach luncheon
Take mom and dad to the dentist and to Sam's
Church fellowship dinner, business meeting
everything from here on is uncertain and yet to be decided

Here is picture I thought I 'd share with you

Now this is something which is certain to please my palate... dinner out at Sechzuan! Wheww, doggies! That is mighty good!

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