Thursday, August 27, 2009

God in My Life

A couple of years ago just as we had left one church and were going to our current church, I was contemplating just how my Christian service would evolve. I was feeling completely burnt out in my previous role as hospitality chair. The thought of planning one more fellowship dinner was most undesirable to me. I was also somewhat uninterested in teaching children's Sunday School after many years in that position. Lynn and I both were ready for something new.... but what we did not know. One Wednesday during Bible Study which I actually still attended at the old church ( I still do after 2 1/2 years) I cannot give up that fellowship! God gave me a word... a rhema word... in my spirit to look for the open door. I actually wrote about it on this blog. I couldn't imagine what that new door could be. Our current church is huge... and somewhat intimidating... we had determined to take things slow and not to jump into anything. We were enjoying so much attending adult Sunday School together for the first time in many, many years.
Our new church offered so many new opportunities for Bible study and I was hungry to catch up after so many missed opportunities when I was working. It was not unusual for me to be doing 2 Beth Moores at a time, as well, as my Ageless Wednesday morning group from the old church. And then my BS teacher, Lynne, happened to ask me if I would be interested in coming along side her in a newly established prayer ministry.
Therein began a new focus in my life that has blessed me beyond measure. A whole new outlook... and deeper understanding in my spirit. Wonderful new, close friends, sweet, sweet fellowship in the spirit. We started meeting to pray for our church every other Saturday morning. Soon we were asked by the church staff to think about helping to establish a real prayer initiative for the church incorporating an actual prayer room whose goal would be to move toward 24/7 prayer. Wow... what an assignment! But God did it!
The next thing we knew we were a group of seven truly dedicated women whose spiritual backgrounds meshed together in such complete unity and love that our combined energy, and God's empowerment applied to the task and last night we introduced the new prayer room to the church. The Upper Room of Prayer became operational!
In the beginning we were given a vacant Sunday School room on the third floor at the end of the hall. The room was divided with a new wall and door leading from the anteroom room we planned for ministry, and an inner court... chapel. We pulled some chairs together in the anteroom and prayer there for months... all the while dreaming and wondering how to make this happen without a budget or operating funds. We plied our skills and ideas around and around many avenues... but for several months God seemed quiet and we didn't act. Our main concern would be that whatever we did with the space that it would be accepted and used by the body! When just a couple of months ago one of our ladies decided to provide her beautiful handmade drapes and an alter cloth, the next thing you knew things just starting falling out of heaven.
A church member gave us her barely used sofa and love seat for the ministry room and we pooled our money and bought a desk at Walmart which completely filled our needs.
Upon speaking to our church handy man the next thing we knew we had our gorgeous focal point in the chapel.
complete with focused spotlights and a dimmer for effect.
A fountain on the wall in there
and subdued lighting complete a reverent and tranquil atmosphere. Our prayers over the past several months have anointed that space whereby one feels God's presence each time one enters in! Glory to God! He made it happen. He has entrusted this ministry to us and made it all happen as only he could do...
Majesty! Kingdom Authority!
Flows from His throne, unto His own,
His anthem raise!


  1. I love the graphic with the open door in the cloud of light, at the top.

    I do not attend church myself, but am spiritual and feel connected to God. I am always wondering where I might best 'fit in' in the scheme of things.

    Prayer is certainly a wonderful & beautiful calling.

    Love your post today!


  2. So happy to see this room become a reality! I know that God will use the people in it and around it to do great things! It looks wonderful and I know you and everyone who worked so hard to put it together will definitely be blessed! Thanks for posting these pictures!



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