Friday, August 7, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Kelli of There is No Place Like Home hosts this each week, but she's on vacation this week. I still thought I'd share about my ever growing bird collection! I'm always on the lookout for blue birds especially, but do love all birds so much! They are God's special gift to us. Their songs bless me to the innermost part of my soul!!!
I house my collection on the hutch in the dining room!
One of my favorite specimens is the bluebird in flight on the wall.
I have birds that double as candle holders and others that are reasonable facsimilies of their natural counterpart. but no matter, I love most all types of collectible birds!
I also collect all types of bird items, nests, and twigs to augment my collection.
I find many of my birds at a favorite shop, Platagenent Rose, which is owned and run by a dear British lady from Yorkshire. I enjoy our visits when i look for birds as much as showing off my birds once I get them home!!


  1. Hi Sweet Friend!! I LOVE all of your birds and I love how you have them displayed! The bluebird on the wall is really neat!! I purchased a real cute one while at my family reunion. I may have to do a post on birds!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Your dining room looks beautiful, and your bird collection is very special. I like the way you have them displayed ... very impressive!


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