Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Sometimes   we   get up so early    in the morning   and  enjoy  a light breakfast,  we are  nearly  famished  before lunchtime....   that is   a  wonderful opportunity  to  celebrate  "elevenses".

The name for a traditional English requirement for a hot beverage, usually tea or coffee and a light, sweet snack to go with it, usually biscuits. The urge arrives around 11am, hence the name, and is used to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch.
"I'm starting to feel a little peckish, is it time for elevenses yet?"

Michael  Nobbs   on his site,  Sustainably Creative  shares his story  about  "elevenses"  charmingly...
Basically,    it is  a  special time  carved out of  one's morning to   just  slow  down and smell the roses...  but  this morning   I  was smelling   beautiful yellow tulips...
We find in  our very hectic   lives lately  that  it is very difficult to find  time to just relax and  chat,  share a dream or two, or a  vision   we  might  have   that we'd like to   do around the house...when things settle down a bit...
Elevenses  provide  the opportunity  to   do just that!
 Certainly  a  pot of   tea for  two  is the main  staple...  this time,  it is  a lovely green tea...
   this   beautiful  tea pot is  a Sadler  from England  that I  got  from  my mom...  she  loved the  spring  bouquet  of  colors!
 A bit of fruit  and  delicious  lemon tea cakes  are essential, as well...  to   break  mid-morning  slump!
A   couple of   favorite   tea cups from   the   collection
 for their   dainty    flowers.   Above  is the    Royal Albert, Cosmos pattern   and  below
is  a  favorite of mine...  a Consort  "Violets"    cup and saucer  in the   palest  tone of purple  you can  imagine....Great Aunt Josephine gave it to me   on my  sixteenth birthday   when I was staying  with her in the summer of '66!

A  couple of     eager  bunnies  flanking  the   table  keeps our  attention  on the season,  after all,   their  time is nearly upon us!!!!

 Across the room   the hutch  refuses to be  left out of the   lime-light...  it, too,  is decked out for the  parade of  Easter    loveliness..

Refreshing  as  an "elevenses"  can  be,   all too soon  it is back to  the  hubbub  of  everyday  practicality, and all we have  left of  our  reverie    are  memories spent  in  a delightful hour  around  a  lovely  pot of tea!

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  1. Dear Schotzy,
    I like the idea of elevenses. Cute name. Your table looks quite decked out for Easter and spring~a rebirth after the winter. Enjoy it.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  2. Lovely tulip table here - just screams springtime! Thank you for linking to Friends Sharing Tea!!

  3. Your table is so charming, so inviting. Love all the bunnies. Isn't this the best time of year? Everything is so bright and cheerful. We, in Ontario, Canada, are still having snow so I go to blog posts like this to get my 'Spring' fix. Deb

  4. Such a pretty tea table. I'd always wondered where the term elevenses came from - obviously lunch must be much later than the noon hour. The tulips are lovely.

  5. Now this is a lovely table! It is beautiful and delicious looking at the same time. Your tea pot is perfect for spring. (My daffodils are just now ready to bloom) Thank you for your cheery post.

  6. Your spring tea setting is beautiful! Love your spring teapot and pretty teacups. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a lovely post and a lovely blog! I immediately felt relaxed and at ease when I came. I'm charmed by "elevenses" too; I want to incorporate that ritual into my day! Happy Spring to you!

  8. What a wonderful teapot! Your table for "elevenses" is so pretty, the bunnies give just the right touch. And those teacups...oh, so beautiful! I enjoyed seeing you pictures.

  9. everything looks so beautiful. A beautiful springy and Easter table. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the hop. I hope your weekend is as sweet as you are xo


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