Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday...In like a lion,....


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Here it is  3pm  and it is only 39 degrees...  of course, we awakened to   about 2 inches of snow  this morning  which   melted by  midmorning  but  the   brisk  winds have    kept  the   air  from warming...
This is  such a  unpredictable time of year!  It  is true march comes in like a  and goes out like  a  .   March this year  has   been cold and   very   breezy!

I took this photo  this morning   I do wish it was   clearer.....  but the car was moving..

 Then, this afternoon, I took these.....

the forecast  reports   a high in the mid 60's   by the weekend....   so I will  be outside planting these!

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