Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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God's Word

My Prayer
Dear Father, in heaven,   I long   for more of You!..   I cling to Your precious Word which   tells  us that  You long for  more of me,.    that You  are preparing  a place for me    in   heaven  where  we will  live forever  throughout eternity....  Help me to keep my focus on  You and my heavenly home!  Keep me in the   protective  shadow of Your  mighty wings , Father,  as  this  world  seeks to devour me...   the troubles and the  snares     suffocate me at times and  I    feel  "death"  all around me....   not  the  gentle  release that will  bring me to    my  eternal rest with You but  the  suffocating   pressure of  sin,  heartache, and stress...  Thank you   that   Your love  supercedes  everything   this  world can   throw at me,  that you   have   made my path   straight before me,   strengthen me  to  stay true to  that path and that I  may  never wander  away in my own power...  for it is only You,  LORD,  who  can truly empower me  in all things under heaven! Amen

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