Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be Deliberate

I just love  blog hoppin" !
I happened upon  an  old friend  I hadnt  commented on   for   a while and   realized just  why yet again   her  blog so inspires me....   we are such kindred spirits...isnt that   exactly what attracts us to so many in blogland!
  has  delivered a Recipe for  Slowing Down, and man  did it strike a cord with me....  
  I wrote her that    our lives have  become so  hectic,  day after day  fulfiling the  "have to dos"  with  never  a moment to   just  sit back and   fulfil a "wish  we could".  But today,   I   determined to   do just that!... My calendar  was  clear  for once, and I   decided to  celebrate it  by  doing only what  struck me  as   something special to do  for  us...
It was so  exhilarating....   actually,  energizing...   I  actually  took   some time to  switch out my summer clothes   for the winters...   and organzied my closet, as well...  
Source   and  a  good one  at that
and it felt so  good to  do  this  that it didnt feel like work at all!Besides  that ,    I   made  an effort  with each  stroll through a room to be deliberate and  put something back where it  belongs,  including   many   jackets,   scarves,  gloves,    even  a purse or  two that I  had switched out  over the  past couple of weeks..with just  a  deliberate  effort,   the house is looking   pretty good... without  really trying....  hey,   there's something to  living deliberately! Because   running  like a rat on a treadmill just isnt working for me!

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