Friday, April 19, 2013

Destination: Kennebunk, Maine

  Today marks the   first  Primier Party... so  it  does  beho0ve one to     share   a  very special  place   we've   visited....  
  So   I'm sharing  last  autumn's  trip to   the Maine coast!
  IN particular....
  Kennebunk,  Maine
Situated on the lazy Kennebunk River....
 the  town  offers  everything   from     fanciful shopping,   fine dining, and  exquisite  places to  kick back and  relax  and  enjoy the   peace and tranquility!
 We chose the  Bufflehead Cove  Inn   and were not  disappointed....  a  Select Registry Inn  it   was  4 Star  all the way!
 My only regret  was  our    two day stay didnt include time to just   really kick back and  enjoy  the  glory of the river... the   wildlife... the  birds   were   awesome!

The Inn  not only   included   several  rooms in the main  house...   which is  simply  divine in its    nautical  history and details..

but, also,   quaint  separate  accomodations    like where we stayed  in the Garden Room...

So  quiet,  private, and   so very comfortable!!!

It was  hard to  tear  ourselves away  to go to  the  exquisite  breakfasts...

I did  say  attention to detail, didnt I?
 It was  too easy to   just   relish the  wonderful  conversations   in the morning and   forget there was  a  gorgeous   wide world of  entertainments   right around the corner...
 I love the  terrain of  this  rocky northern coast...
The Bush Compound  easy to   see from the coast road

 He was in residence      when we were there...
 the handsome  cormorant  we     saw  resting  amarsh!

 The   very quaint downtown    shops and venues!

 Beautiful coastal drives  and communities nearby
and nothing  in  our  experience   paralleled the  delectable   cuisine!
Owner's Table at On the Marsh

 These photos were taken at  On the Marsh  where  we  had   a fabulous  Lobster Stew 

Pan-Seared Sea Scallops And Lobster

House-Made Gnocci, Pancetta, Butternut Squash

Chicken Stock, Butter, Shallots, Brussels Sprouts


So, I  highly recommend   Kennebunk, ME...  so   beautiful, refreshing,  very welcoming, and  a  fabulous good time!!!
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  1. Just looking at your photos gives me a sense of peach and serenity. I've been there twice, but now you make me yearn to go back.

    I'm so happy that you've joined the premier of "Oh, the PLACES I've been!" and hope that you will become a regular contributor.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. No matter where you are in Maine, it is a special place.

  3. OPI nail polish named one of their reds, "Kennebunkport" and it was my favorite classic,red polish! I've never forgotten the name as it harkened back to my childhood having lived in New England my first 18 years. You know, you can touch all six states in one day? That day trip we took years ago has always stayed with me. So glad that you got to enjoy Maine's splendor. That region makes for a fabulous memory.


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