Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Imagined

Ok, so yesterday we were surprised with    a much colder day which  brought snow instead of the forecast rain.... 

  but today, the temps  are rising.. the snow is melting,  and  I, in my   spring wannabe mood,  am  devising   various and  sundry   plans for   a renewed  emphasis on   the  revitalization   that  comes this time of year... 
One's inspiration  can  come  from   anything in blogland, and  this morning  it is  my computer  tabletop...

 by the way, I  adore   sheep, and every kind of lambkin!

Especially,  since  my first  lambie of this collection was sent to me  from my dear friend in  the Highlands, Brora,  Sutherland, to be  exact,    which is   a  wee   village on the  North Sea  of  Scotland..

   The main street

My friend, 
The fishing village and harbour
Stacy and her husband,  raise sheep,  and     I   always enjoyed  her stories  about her  favorite   lambkin,  Rosebud!
 photo Rosebud.jpg
  So when she sent me   my own   lambie....  I named  it Rosebud as well....   
Rosebud,on the left,  has been joined  now  by  Fluff and  Dogwood.. yes,  lambkins are my weakness...  I  even have them around the house downstairs...  of  course,  the anglophile in  me   longs  for the   English countryside  dotted with     grazing  sheep!..

So  I create  my own  meadowlands around the house

I can  hear  their  sweet bleating now.. this is the lambing season, you know.... 

Mother and Baby

I imagine   craggy hillsides
 photo af3f5f7c.jpg
and  so I place a few  sheep here and there...
Then sometimes I  imagine a flock
 photo 085ef744.jpg
 and I realize that  I must  temper  my   imaginings...  or Id be overrun....   I'll save that for my  dream trip to the Highlands!

meanwhile,   the snow continues to melt.. and  aha....  a harbinger of spring  forces its way   forward.....  renewal is   coming at last....  I  can  put my imaginings away, and  really  focus on spring now!!!
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  1. Oh I LOVE your lambies and sheep all around your home! What lovely photos - so glad to have found you via the Common Ground linkup. We still have a lot of snow, with more coming this weekend - so Spring has definitely NOT arrived over here yet!

  2. adore your precious lambie inspiration!! thanks for joining in!


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