Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Color of Remembrance

The rain  has  just about  decided to  dissipate and   the clouds  are   loosening
  the   blue  sky is peeking through
But  the blue remains  around  my  house... 
a  color that suits   the  time of remembrance  this   day of days... 
not only the terror of  the Boston Marathon bombing of yesterday,  
but  also   today  as we  remember  

what happened  on the peaceful, serene campus  at Virginia Tech 6 years ago..... 
  we can   surround ourselves with beauty and  put our minds on things above, praise God,   but  life  touches us  in myriad ways...
  I am thinking of  our  dear daughter and Son in law  who have been personally touched  but both of these experiences in their lives.   I suppose each generation  has  trials  to face and endure...   for  Lynn and I,  it was  the  civil unrest of the 60's  the Vietnam war,  and tragedies of  all kinds....  all   these  experiences    should do one  thing in particular....   make us   thankful...    for  God's goodness,   His peace,  His rigthteousness,  His hope ,   His  faithfulness, and His supply and shelter  in  times  of trouble .  Our prayers are  with   those who  were touched in  any way  by   these and  all events  .  We pray for  release,  freedom, healing, and  a closer walk with  the  Lord,  who  alone   can  truly heal the broken and the  lost!
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  1. So much violence and such sad loses. Great post. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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