Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Enjoying the Spoils of our Labors!

Today was the perfect day to work outside...  I  was  wanting to get some trimming of the  dead  foliage , ie.  old tulips and daffoldils,  and  the frost bite off of the hydrangea,  and was hoping Hubs would get the porch clean... but he  told me  he was wanting to get the trim paint on the garage finished...  so I went  canvassing the yard  for  other odd jobs and  I  saw  my  gorgeous Iris blooming...
 I love Iris..  they a re so majestic!
and as I  rounded the house  I  saw  that  some fairy  must have heard me about the porch  because....

 but, there was no fairy in sight.. wait who is that over there????
 taking a  respite from the midday sun...

So this afternoon  we got to dine out    for the first time... nothing fancy, just a chance to truly  enjoy the spoils of our labors..
 I took  my book and    ice water  out  to enjoy the    wonderful  breezes... I love this weather!

The fairy garden found its summer home

 the lower yard is  home to many  wild creatures...  I was trying to  catch a squirrel as it scampered around the tree.. well, it is still a lovely  venue!
the afternoon greens  are so refreshing.. 

 and Hubs  sat back and  revelled  in satisfation....  another  chore marked off the list!!!


  1. What a pretty yard and gardens you have, Schotzy! How nice your hubby went to town on your lovely porch. Love those overalls! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. If I had a garden like this, it would be a pleasure working in it. I enjoy being outside.


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