Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Sharing  on Pink Saturday.
My mother loved pink.   And as a fabric stylist,  seamstress, crafter, gardener, and homemaker she used it  as often as  possible.. perhaps it was because her life wasnt  exactly  easy peasy... and it  lifted her  spirit!   
Mom was born on a dairy farm in the 1920..  She was the oldest of six girls.. and they learned from an early age to do their fair share of the work!
Mother was equally at home   a s a career girl living first in Spokane, Washington,  then Washington, D.C. in the 40's.
Mom and dad set up housekeeping in 1950 when I was born.. mom was  the  typical stay at home mom.. and Proverbs 31   virtuous woman.  
She washed clothes in a back porch washing machine   that  was  close to the hose hookup  and had a wringer

and  we'd hang the clothes and linens  on the line
oh, how good  they  felt and smelled after  that!
Momma made all of our clothes on her  Sears sewing machine  that seemed to be sitting up on the dining room table most of the time!  She embroidered a flower or  sewed an arrangement of buttons over  holes and  stains
Growing up during the depression she knew how to make due with little and to care for what she had!!!
She gardened and  put up what  was produced!
Her green beans  were  spectacular!!
In the 60's she went to work outside the home and was  a buyer for a large department store.. but she still took care of the home just as before...I remember she would be so tired at the end of each day!
But the demands of having a 1960's teen in the home  meant  she needed to work to pay for    all of the panty hose and other nessessities of life, including the piano and weekly lessons...She was  such a dear mama!!
In the 70's after I married  she and dad sold out and  moved back to the country and built their dream home..  but mom just couldnt sit idly...  She was  very active in  civic organizations and her church..

Mom and dad  were so happy to be back  in the country near their families and so much of the stress of their lives relieved!

Then in the 1990's  they moved  back to   be near us  and  our daughter.. their one and only granddaughter!

This photo was taken  on the last Mother's day  at home  before mom fell and broke her back..  She then had to move into  assisted living...which was  very difficult for us all. Her fiery and   spirited mind continued with her  throughout her whole life...  even as her body failed her...  and  she and dad were reunited  in heaven in late 2014...I love you momma,  and I know you and dad are  rejoicing  with the angels now!


  1. OOO, this is so sweet..brought tears to my eyes because it's always so tender to look back at photos when they were young and then, into their olden age...Mother's Day is a wonderful time to sit and think and be grateful these fine ladies were in our lives...I thank HIM everyday for choosing me to be my Mama's little baby girl.
    Altho I am now olden...and my mom's been gone almost 30 years, I can still smell her sometimes, I can almost hear her voice and I KNOW she talks to me in my dreams sometime...and now, my eyes are full of tears, my nose is stopped up and I need to take a walk around the yard and get myself together...we are about to go watch prom photos being taken of one of the grandgirls...

  2. Thank you for sharing these precious memories of your sweet mother with us, Carolyn. Mother's Day is made more special by the treasured memories.

    Happy Pink Saturday. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥

  3. Thank you so much, Beverly.... that means a lot to me!!!

  4. This is so precious! I loved reading about your Mother. What a wonderful lady!

    Thank you!


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