Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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For Today~ May 31, 2016

Outside my window
Still celebrating   Memorial Day!

I am thinking
that I am so proud  that  the men in my life served their country  during wartime!

                              Grand Pa  1916           Dad  1943                                         
and Hubs  

I am thankful
to live in this great nation...  
May God continue to bless America!

My favorite things~
face time
air shows

to name a few!

I am wearing 
my yellow tee and demin dungarees!

I am creating
a style and   the decor for  our master  bedroom. I never had a room that was planned top to bottom before.. Right now instead of getting the  wingback that is in there redone, I think it is cheaper to just  buy a new smaller chair.. like maybe this one...

 I need to take a  sham  to Pier One and check out the  color..  dont want it to  clash..  But I love this chair!
Today it is on sale for $139.00...  can't beat that!!!

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
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I am hoping 
to have our bedroom  painted and the old carpet  out by week's end...  the  carpet in that room is    indoor outdoor  glued down around the edges  and has to be    pulled out and  the mastick  has to  be  heated and scraped off of the  hard wood floors...   such a  grisly job...  we've done this before and it was  such an awful job  when we did our daughter's room,  we learned to just live with it with  lots of area rugs....  but  time has come to get that  carpet out of there!!!

I am learning
bide my time...  hahahah

In my kitchen
no plans  of anything special....
  it is a tossed salad night with  leftovers form the weekend!

In my garden
... of the earthMike Darcy Garden Tours, Makeovers and Favorite Hydrangeas
 I am so sad...  because I found, purchased,  and  planted  this gorgeous variety of hydrangea  for my garden... and the next day a deer had eaten it down to the ground..
This would be my dream garden..
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A moment from my day

3512 Round Hill Rd, Lynchburg, VA
 I love looking at homes on Zillow,  because one of these days we are going to  be  putting our house on the market!

Closing Notes:

Stay close to God at all times... and in attitude of supplication, make your requests known to God.. we have not because we ask not!!!

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